Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Ramblings

Happy Weekend! We got a phone call from Corey this afternoon and he had gone kayaking yesterday and was excited about that opportunity. He sent us the above photo of his dorm room where all his kayaking stuff is drying. For some perspective, he is standing on his bed with his back to the window to take this picture. It looks a bit difficult to get around, so hopefully all that gear will dry quickly so that he can stuff it all (including the kayak) under his bed. He was kayaking on the Black River in Watertown and he and 2 buddies went to play on a wave called Inner City Strife. Corey got trashed a few times before figuring out the wave and then getting some good time on the wave. 

This next photo is of Jim's hotel in Crewe, England. He got home last night and his 2 flights from Manchester to Rochester were all on time. What an unusual joy! He fell into a deep sleep last night and got up early to go run in a race in Watkin's Glen today. He won his age-group, but said he could feel himself running out of steam in the  last part of the race (more than usual). He napped on the couch when he got home this afternoon. 

Now about his hotel. The place is ancient, but he was staying in the new, very modern wing. His photos of the original building show lots of ornately carved dark wood and beautiful stained glass windows. He didn't spend much time at the hotel, only the few hours that he got to sleep. It is good to have him home.
Jim and I went out for dinner tonight to the Beale Street Cafe in the South Wedge area of Rochester. I chose this place because it was one of the many places that accepted Simply Certificates and Tucker and Corey gave one of those to Jim for his birthday, plus we had never been there. The Beale Street website indicated that they were a BBQ joint with live blues music-sounded good to me. When we arrived there were 2 musicians playing the blues in the bar area. We were seated in an adjacent room, where sometimes we could hear the music. Our meals were good and we decided that we would go back there again, especially since we left home without taking the Simply Certificate! 

Today Greece offered a dropped off for computer equipment to be recycled. It has been my mission in recent months to get rid of all of our old, unused, outdated computer stuff. Jim was able to recycle 2 of our old computers through Apple when we bought a new one, but we still had one lurking in the basement. I took that one to the Greece Department of Public Works building, along with an old phone, and was able to get rid of them! I think we are down to one extra desktop computer and one laptop that works if you hold it just right!

I finished a knitting project but I cannot tell you what it is because it is for a reader of this blog. I have started a baby hat for a woman at work who is having twins. Her shower is in a couple of weeks and I hope to get 2 of these really cute "rainbow" hats made. I am trying again to learn to knit Continental style and have had more luck with that today. 

Time to go and knit and switch the TV between the baseball game and the football game between Ohio State and Penn State. I work with a woman who who is a graduate of Penn State and a die-hard fan. 

Tomorrow is Jim's birthday and I will post a picture of the dinner party we will have here with both sets of parents. 

Hope all is well. 

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