Saturday, October 20, 2007


The Head of the Charles-What an event! This was the 43rd running of the Head of the Charles
and I feel so honored to have had the chance to row in it. Our race was at 1:15 PM so we launched the boat at 12:30 PM. The top photo is of us carrying our boat down to the river. I am
wearing the lavender/black jacket, 4th from the front of the boat. We launched just beyond the finish line, and rowed downstream to the start. You row up stream in this regatta, but I wasn't aware of any current. The race was 3 miles and took us 20 minutes. We were pleased with our time, and I haven't checked the results yet to see how we placed.  The second photo is of me
with my team.

This is quite the spectator event, with people lining both sides of the shore for the full 3 miles, in addition to throngs of peoples on the many bridges over the river course. Boston College, MIT, and Harvard all have very impressive boat houses along the river and they each had large tents set up for all their alumni. After our race, I walked around quite a bit, checking out the many vendors. After two other boats from our club raced, I found my car and got directions to get back to I-90 and headed west to Lee, MA.

Rowing in Boston was an experience I will never forget, and to top off this weekend, tomorrow I go to the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. I hope to be there in time to hear a couple of knitting authors speak. On my way home from the festival, I am going to stop in Syracuse and take Corey out for dinner. It will be perfect ending to my weekend.

Jim is all set to leave for England tomorrow afternoon. He'll be home on Friday. 

I won't be up late tonight because I am really tired. I shared a hotel room in Boston with a women who rows in my boat and she snored-all night! So I had a restless night and then rowed hard this afternoon. I'll knit and watch the baseball game and get to bed fairly early.

The Weather Channel showed a "Leaf Peeper" map and the New York Thruway and Mass. Turnpike corridors were supposed to be at peak color and I would agree. My 2 hour drive today was a treat for my eyes! Autumn in New England-it can't be beat!

Hope all is well.

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