Thursday, October 18, 2007

Excitement for the Weekend

Maps-check, rowing clothes-check, Rhinebeck sweater-check, knitting-check, iPod-check, camera-check, computer-check, Money/Visa card-check, I guess I'm ready to go away for the weekend. The weather forecast for Boston on Saturday is for mostly cloudy skies which is better than the 70 % chance of rain/thunder storms that was predicted earlier in the week. I have a colleague who rowed for Mercyhurst College and he told me a story of his boat sinking when they were out practicing in a rain storm because the boat filled with water!!

I will have a 6 hour drive to Boston tomorrow when I get out of school, so I hope I get a good night's sleep tonight. My race on Saturday is at 1:15 PM but I'm sure the group that is staying in my hotel will all go to the race course fairly early in the morning. 

I am taking my laptop with me and my Saturday night hotel has free internet, so I will try to give you a regatta update. If I cannot get the internet to work, the report will be filed when I get home on Sunday. 

Sunday is the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival and it should be great. Sunday is Author's Day at the festival and I hope to hear 2 women speak who have written knitting books that I have enjoyed. I am a bit worried that the yarn will be pretty picked over by Sunday, but I really don't need anything. Plus, Jim said he would try to look for some nice English wool while he is in England. 

Jim is going on a business trip to England on Sunday and won't be back until Friday. He will be in-flight by the time I get home on Sunday. He is staying at an old castle that has been restored to serve as a luxury hotel. Looks like a great place to stay. Hopefully he will take some photos that I can include in a later blog. 

Joanie, we ate your sauce last night and it was once again delicious! I tried some whole wheat pasta and it all tasted good. 

I'm including in today's blog,  a beautiful photo from our trip on the Salmon River this summer.

Hope all is well. 

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Carl said...

Marji, Have a wonderful trip and good luck in the race Sat. The picture of Jl is great. Thanks Jim for the latest update. Dad & Mom.