Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Review

What was predicted to be a rainy Saturday has turned into a warm, humid, pleasant day. It rained south of Greece very early in the morning, but nothing like what was forecasted. 

I was up early to go rowing and it was a beautiful time on the river. It was a hot row because of the high humidity and still air, but it wasn't raining, or worse, thundering, so it was a good row. Jim got his run in while I was rowing. 

We went to the Art Gallery's Clothesline Art Show this morning (see photo). We were there by 10:30 AM, before it got really crowded. I had hoped to find a painting to go in the dining room, but nothing jumped out as a "must have." The good news is that Jim and I seem to have the same idea of what we might like on that dining room wall. We were able to walk right by several artists' booths because we both agreed that those particular paintings were not to our liking. I did buy one gift, but I won't say any more about that. There were a lot of people selling handmade jewelry, some of it very lovely. I need to think in advance about an outfit or two that might benefit from one of these lovely necklaces, but so far I've never done that thinking so I haven't bought anything yet. We bought some lunch and watched some of the entertainment while we ate and were on our way home by noon. A pretty pitiful performance compared to some people who will spend their whole day at the Art Show, but enough for us.

An update on school - Friday was a much quieter day with most teachers back, but a couple of new ones out with the illness. We have still not figured out the common factor for all the teachers who got sick. 

Correction: In an earlier entry, I wished Zach good luck in middle school. Well, he called the other night for another reason, but did tell me that this was his 2nd year in middle school, he is now an 8th grader. Sorry 'bout that Zach. You are growing up too fast! Good Luck with the soccer try-outs and let me know how it goes so I can report it in the blog.

I was reading the Alumni magazine from Slippery Rock and saw an article about the razing of a dorm that I stayed in when I was there. Talk about feeling old! That dorm was new when I lived in it!

I found an interesting book at the library this week and it is a dictionary of new "buzzwords". One that I found interesting was "affluenza", which means the affliction of being too focused on buying material things, working too much (and still not having enough money), and stressing out about all of it. I know people like that, do you?

Corey is hosting a recruit at SU this weekend. We'll look forward to hearing about that. 

Jim spent a big chunk of time today cleaning out the garage side of the basement. Lots of things were thrown away and other things were organized. It is now easier, or maybe less life-threatening, to get to the garage! 

Tucker and Corey - Can I throw away the large light brown round pillow that is on the floor in the basement? 

We may go to the Macedon Lumberjack Festival tomorrow, weather permitting. I have to deacon at church (I was asked to sub) so we would go after that. Check back to see if it happened.

Hope you are all having a good weekend. If you have anything you'd like me to share with a larger audience, either leave me a comment or zip me an e-mail.

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Tucker said...

Sure you can throw it away. Though it will be sorely missed.(sniff sniff)