Sunday, September 2, 2007

Empty Nest for Real

We are empty nesters again, now that Tucker has flown back to Utah. As you can see from the photos, life is terribly exciting. I got Jim to help me "Swift" some of my recent yarn purchases. He really is quite good at managing the yarn -  it must come from years of untangling fishing line! 

Since there is no rain in the forecast for a week ,
I decided to wash the Beetle and get the plastered bugs off the front end of the car. The Beetle is all clean and shiny and ready for the first day of school later this week! Speaking of school, staff has to report on Tuesday and the kids arrive on Thursday. 

Tucker left yesterday to go back to Bluff, Utah. He was scheduled to fly from here to Chicago, to Denver, to Durango. He got to Chicago OK, (early, to be exact) and as they were boarding his flight to Denver, a mechanical problem was discovered which delayed their departure. By the time he got to Denver he missed his connection to Durango, but not without a valiant effort on his part. He ran to the Durango gate, which was about 50 gates from his arrival gate, only to discover that the plane had left on time (that too is unusual!). Since he missed his flight due to mechanical problems, as opposed to weather problems, United Airlines put him up in a nice hotel for the night and gave him some meal vouchers. Tucker has some friends in Denver, so he called them up and they came to his hotel and had an impromptu party! He called this afternoon to say that he got into Durango this morning and was driving back to Bluff. He is already dreading trying to fly home at Christmas!

We had an interesting e-mail from Corey and I will include part of his message so you can hear his story in his own words:

Played an EPIC game of whiffle ball yesterday afternoon.  It was a beautiful day so we went over to the Lacrosse practice fields where there is great artificial turf and set up a diamond  in the corner so we had the giant fence that divided the Lacrosse fields and football fields as a Home Run fence. It was very exciting, every inning you have to rotate the pitcher and it gets to be the top of the 9th, we are up 8-6 and I have to pitch.  So naturally I get up and walk the first three batters.  Pretty high pressure at this point.  So then I start throwing some good heat.  I struck out the next batter.  Then the next person up hits a pretty good ball down the first base line, one run scores and another runner starts to run home, I go to cover the plate because there were teams of 5 so no catcher, and in a great pitch and catch move I got the guy out at home.  So now we are looking at 9th inning, 8-7 2 outs runners on the corners.  Then Martina comes up, who coincidently was on FIRE today in whiffle ball.  I was able to put a full count on him.  So we are talking, 9th inning, 2 outs, up by one, full count, HIGH pressure situation.  Well, after a few more foul balls I ended up striking him out for the W.  It was VERY exciting.

That's all for now. We may go canoeing tomorrow, so check back in the near future.

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