Friday, August 31, 2007

Time with Liz

Today's entry deals with several discussion points we had with Liz when she came for a visit last night. Being the gracious guest, she arrived with a 6 pack of beer. Now that I think about it Liz is not a guest in our house, more like one of the family, but she brought beer anyway. 

When she arrived we (Jim, Tucker and I) were video-chatting with Corey. Video-chatting is way-cool, almost like Corey was right here in the living room, except there are no nacho plates and empty Gatorade bottles on the living room table in the morning! But I digress, Liz sat in "the chair" and participated in the casual conversation we were having with Corey about his cross-country team and his classes. Liz, being a computer professional, with expertise in the Apple line, asked Corey if he had a Mac Book (an Apple laptop). Corey said he did and asked if Liz wanted to see it. This confused Liz (and the rest of us) as we thought he was using his Mac Book to talk to us. But Liz said, "Yes" she'd like to see his Mac Book, at which point Corey reached to the other side of his desk and held up his Math book for us to see! I guess there is something lost in the audio transmission of iChat. We had a good laugh, but Corey did not know what we were laughing about until we told him!

Our next interesting topic (at least to us, and we still hadn't had any beer) was about buttons and zippers on men's and women's clothing. This topic came up as we were talking about the very creative baby sweater I just knit. Our question is, "Does anyone know why buttons (and zipper openings) are on one side for women's clothing and the other for men's clothing?"  I thought it had something to do with the olden days when women had other women to help them get dressed. So leave  comment if you have a thought about the button/zipper conundrum.

The last thing I am going to report on from our time with Liz was the discussion as to whether or not a Tahoe's Plate could be dehydrated! I think if you got one with cheeseburgers, potatoes and baked beans, you could do it. I'm not to sure how well mac salad would dehydrate-that whole food poisoning thing with the mayo just gives me the creeps.  

There was a lot more inane conversation, but I won't continue to bore you with anymore of it.

I spent 5.5 hours at school today and got a lot of prep work done. I have some computer work I can do at home this weekend and then I will be ready for meetings on Tuesday and final classroom set up on Wednesday. My student teacher starts on Wednesday and I already have a list of things to do for him as well as a bunch of things he should read.

Tucker goes back to Utah (home?) tomorrow and it has been wonderful to have him here. It has been a long time since he was the only "kid" home. We will look forward to his time with us at Christmas. Hopefully his flights to Utah will be uneventful since the skies were not so friendly on his way here.

I have no photo from today so I will share a photo from our Iceland trip. These beautiful columbine were in the Botanical Garden in Akureyri, in northern Iceland. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for good wishes to Bob on his trip. He has instructions to look for Shokay yak yarn.

I agree with your zipper and button history.

coreyrob said...

If you keep making fun of me see if I ready your blog again.