Wednesday, August 29, 2007

JL, SU, Home

After 50 perfect Jenny Lake hours we had to head west. Both mornings I walked a lap on the Tawiskarou roads with Mom and then took off and did 2 slow running laps. I haven't run since the end of June when my plantar fasciitis flared up while running in Boise. I finally began a serious regiment of stretching the arch of my foot and it has greatly improved. The 2 days I have run do not seem to have made my foot any worse, so I will ease back into my running routine. Tucker and I also hit some tennis balls each morning and we had a lot of laughs at how bad we were! Oh, well, it was fun to hit some tennis balls again.

Last night we went out to dinner at a Corinth pub to check out the place for Women's Weekend. I think it will be fine for our dinner out. We won't have to get dressed up or drive far.
Tucker and I left camp shortly after 2 PM and got to the south campus of SU about 5 PM. Corey called us shortly after we arrived to say that he needed to shower and get his picture taken and would meet us soon. Tucker and I took a walk around the outside of Manley Field House and saw 3 different teams practicing. 

Corey met up with us and after hugs all around we went to Armory Square in downtown Syracuse where there are a variety of restaurants. He got this recommendation from some of the upperclassmen on the team and I had read about this place in a Finger Lakes magazine. We chose the restaurant "Pastabililites" and had a good meal. We all agreed that it was someplace we would try again sometime. 

We took Corey back to his dorm and went in for a quick visit and to deliver his Grape Pie and 2 gallon drink jug.

Tucker and I got home shortly after 9 PM and made arrangements with Liz and Sally to go to the New York Wine and Culinary Center tomorrow. It should be fun.

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