Sunday, August 26, 2007

Schallers, Abbotts, and Bikes

Tucker had a few things he wanted to do while here in Rochester and one of them was to eat at Schallers, so we decided that we would do lunch there today. We invited Maw and Porge to join us so they could get some time with Tucker. It seemed like it was going to be a nice day so I suggested we ride our bikes the 6 miles to Schallers and the guys agreed. Tucker rode Corey's bike and wore Jim's sneakers. Then we realized that we only had 2 helmets here. Tucker wondered whether GrandDad still had a helmet so Jim went to their house and sure enough there was an old Bell helmet hanging in the garage! Everytime Tucker took off the helmet he had red and black marks on his forehead from the deteriorating foam inside the helmet! Thanks for the loaner, Dad!

We had a good ride to Schallers along the 390 bike path and met Maw and Porge there. The cheeseburgers lived up to Tucker's expectations. Maw wanted to treat us to Abbotts for dessert and that is something you don't turn down. So they gave us bike riders a head start and we rode the couple of miles to Abbotts at the beach. To any readers of this blog, who have ever had an Abbotts ice cream cone, your mouth is probably watering as you read this. Rest assured that the ice cream was as good as ever! A funny conversation occurred between Tucker and Grandma that had us all laughing. Tucker had been talking about his garden and how he was growing corn. Grandma then asked Tucker if he was still making beer, in reference to a conversation from last year. Tucker said "no", that the beer making had been with his Colorado Springs friends. That's when Grandma said, "You know what you can make with that corn, don't you? Whiskey!"

Since we were down by the lake and river, Jim suggested we ride our bikes home on the new Genesee River trail, which starts at the harbor area and goes south along the river for a few miles. The highlight of the trail is a long boardwalk that curves around over a marshy area along the river bank. It was beautiful. We weren't sure how we were going to get home, but we turned off the trail, rode through Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and then wound our way through some side streets to get to Maiden Lane and then home. We rode 17.5 miles and had a great time. 

Tucker got home in time to take a quick shower and head out with his friends. Who knows when we will see him again! I did remind him that we agreed to leave at 8 AM tomorrow for Jenny Lake. 

We are both looking forward to our time at camp. I haven't had much Jenny Lake time this summer. 

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