Saturday, August 25, 2007

We were empty nesters for one week, and now Tucker has come home for a week. This is a nice way to ease into being just the two of us in the house. Jim flew home from Belgium without incident. Tucker's trip home was another adventure in flying in the unfriendly skies. He arrived home at 3 AM, 6 hours late. He called us several times from Chicago with updates and just when we thought he was going to take-off there was another delay. Jim finally decided to go to bed because he was exhausted after his trip to and from Belgium over 3 days and I figured I could stay up and go pick-up Tucker. Then a short but intense thunderstorm blew through our area and knocked out our power! Finally around midnight, Tucker and I agreed that he would take a taxi cab home whenever he got to the Rochester airport. This was a good idea, because he came in at 3 AM - moments after the power came back on. Phew, what an ordeal, but at least he is here. He says that he is driving home at Christmas!

Jim and I got our workouts in while Tucker was sleeping this AM. After lunch we all walked to the Farmer's Market at the mall and bought some fresh, local produce. We then went downtown to the George Eastman House to the the Ansel Adams Exhibit. We have been talking about seeing this photo exhibit for months and were moved into action when we realized that the exhibit closed on Sept. 3rd. Tucker was interested in seeing the photos so off we went. The three photos with today's entry are from our time at the Eastman House. We were impressed with the Ansel Adams collection and then toured the George Eastman house because Tucker had never been there. It was a good afternoon and we enjoyed our time there. Did you know that Ansel Adams died on the same day that Tucker was born, April 22, 1984?

Naps for all of us rounded out the afternoon, followed by a supper of Ramen Noodle Pizza, as requested by Tucker. 

Tucker is hoping to see some of his friends this evening.

To those of you who requested Corey's address, you do not need to include the 650, only the name of the dorm and his box number.

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