Friday, August 24, 2007

Fair, SU, Theater

It has been years since I visited the New York State Fair and it was fun to return and see all that New York has to offer. I visited the sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats and cows.A stop into the Wool Center, fueled my interest in spinning wool and I learned about dyeing wool with Kool-Aid. I walked through all the buildings with things for sale - windows, cookware, steam mops, miracle slicers, hand lotions, etc. In the Dairy building, you could buy a glass of milk for 25 cents and marvel at the ubiquitous butter sculpture. The Home center featured many beautiful handmade items, from quilts to knitted sweaters. There were singers, dancers, and bands performing a various stages throughout the fairgrounds. All along the midway, I was "invited" to throw darts at balloons, squirt water into a clown's mouth, throw ping pong balls into fish bowls, have my birth date or weight guessed, and climb the wobbly ladder! Classic fair sights and sounds. It was all a great experience and I would have stayed longer, but the rain was quickly approaching and I had plans to meet up with Corey at SU. 
Even though it was moving in day for freshmen at SU, I was able to snag a great parking spot in the parking garage across from Corey's dorm. He has settled in to his room and  still had space for the extra things that I brought with me (fan, folding chair, cookies, a third pillow, a board game, a small food supply, etc.). We took a walk in the rain around campus, before heading to the Newhouse School for what I thought was going to be an orientation session. However, it was a 3 minute encounter with Corey's peer mentor (a senior student at Newhouse)! She reminded Corey of their 2:00 meeting the next day and asked him if he had any questions. Since he didn't, we were done with this orientation session. I was expecting more! Oh well, it was good to see Corey.

I jumped back on the Thurway to get to Rochester in time to meet my Women's Weekend friends at GEVA theater to see "Menopause, the Musical. The theater was filled with women in our age-group and 3 men! For an hour and a half, we laughed until the tears rolled down our faces. The four-women cast sang and danced their way into our hearts as they made us laugh about hot flashes, memory loss and weight gain! We didn't want the show to end, but we dealt with the disappointment by getting ice cream at Lugias! The show has been very successful as evidenced by the number of women willing to buy "Standing Room Only" tickets for their chance to see this delightful show.
So, Thursday was a great day! And Friday looks to be another winner - Tucker comes home and Jim gets back into town from his business trip to Belgium. Tucker will be here for a week 

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