Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bike Ride

I can count the number of days it has rained this summer on one hand and of course the day I plan a bike ride with friends, it has to rain. Not only was it raining, we had headwinds all the way to Pittsford! I planned this ride about 2 weeks ago, the plan being that we would ride to Pittsford along the canal trail, eat lunch at Alladins, and then ride back, about 30 miles all together. The photo is of Sally and Pam after our lunch before we ride west. I would have gotten someone to take a picture of the 3 of us, but no one else was silly enough to be out in this weather. Fortunately the rain stopped for our ride home and the wind was at our backs! It is good to have friends that will make a less-than-desirable situation into a good time. The frustrating part of this ride was that none of the weather forecasts called for rain and we kept riding thinking it was going to stop any minute.  Oh well, we enjoyed the ride in spite of Mother Nature's contribution. 

Jim had to endure the frustrations that have come to define air travel these days. He was supposed to fly to Belgium yesterday and I took him to the airport at 12:30 PM. At 1:45 he called me, asking for a ride home from the airport because Delta canceled his flight to NYC and could not or would not make other arrangements for him to catch his American Airlines flight to Brussels. He spent a big chunk of time going back and forth with a Corporate Travel person to try to make other arrangements. I took him to the airport at 9 AM today and I know he made it to NYC, so hopefully he'll get to Brussels for his meetings.

I painted the trim in the kitchen yesterday and washed the windows and curtains so it all looks fresh and clean in there. 

In the mail today I received a fleece jacket from Sports Illustrated. A couple of weeks ago I got an offer too good to refuse for a subscription. As I was filling out the subscription form, it indicated that if I paid with my  credit card I could get this free jacket. I was supposed to choose my favorite NFL team so the jacket could be embroidered with that team's logo. I chose the New England Patriots, but they sent me the Buffalo Bills! Oh well, I'll wear it while watching Sunday football games. 

We heard from Corey and he is off to a good start with the XC team. I will go to Syracuse on Thursday for a parent orientation session and Corey has sent a good sized list of things that he forgot and wants me to bring.

Looking for some sunshine and warmer temps.

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coreyrob said...

Warmer temps?! No!! This is perfect weather!