Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to one and all! Hope you are not laboring too  much!

Last night we went mini-golfing with Liz and Sally at Whispering Pines, the course in Sea
 Breeze. Now you may have read about the upset of the weekend being Appalacian State beating Michigan in football, but the real upset happened on the mini-links as I won this round of mini-golf! I never win at mini-
golf. Jim had disastrous first and last holes which allowed me to come out victorious. Both Liz and Sally had moments of greatness,
 unfortunately followed by moments of not so quiet desperation! It was fun all around (at least I think it was) and it was good to see Liz once more before she heads back to DC.  

This morning Jim and I went canoeing on Black Creek and we have never seen so many
 people on the water. We saw people in 5 kayaks, 2 single canoes and one small motor boat. The turtles were the main source of entertainment as they jumped off their sunny logs into the water as we paddled past. We
 paddled for almost 2 hours, enjoying the unofficial end to summer. 

I (we) have been spending a fair amount of time looking at some selected Iceland photos, trying to decide which ones to have printed to hang in our living room. The challenge is three-fold. First, we have to agree on which pictures we want to use. Second, what size should the prints be made, and last, what arrangement should the prints be in. I want to order the prints in the next day or so because Kodak Gallery is having a 25% off sale on prints and I could save myself a few bucks if I can make all these decisions. Kodak has sales fairly frequently, but not usually on prints, so I need and want to act now. 

Jim has been trying to be more eco-friendly and has been hanging the clothes out to dry. I love to use a towel that has been dried outside, all nice and scratchy. The weather has been great for this drying technique as rain has not been a concern lately. As a matter of fact, about the only day it rained in the past month or so was the day I planned a bike ride with my friends! That's some kind of Murphy's law  I guess.

Take care and have a terrific Tuesday.

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Elizabeth said...

My first day of work was good - thanks for the positive thoughts! Good luck to you as you start a new school year!