Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let the School Year Begin

I guess I'm ready for the kids to arrive at school tomorrow morning, although there were a lot of kids in the building today as they found where their classroom was located. My student teacher, Mike, was a big help today, hanging posters and signs in the gym, putting away equipment that was delivered over the summer, and putting up a bulletin board of my design. As we were working in the gym, he told me that he was really nervous about dealing with the children and I assured him that he will be one of the most popular people in the school after the first week! Just in time for the start of school, the temperatures are forecasted to soar into the high eighties tomorrow and the nineties on Friday! 

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Jim has started to hang 
the  laundry outside to dry. He put a load in the washer last night and then hung it out before going to work this morning. Today's wash got an extra rinse as a brief rain shower blew through. The clothes were all dry by the time we got home. 

A note to Corey and Tucker - next time you come home you may notice that the soap dispenser on the kitchen sink now has dishwashing soap in it. I have reasons for doing this, which I won't go into now, but I wanted you to know so you don't freak out!

Jim and I are now eating breakfast in the dining room which adds a fancy start to our day! We both enjoy reading the paper with our breakfast and our schedules used to off-set our eating times, but we now seem to be eating at the same time and the kitchen table is not big enough for each of us to have the paper spread out. So, we tried eating at the dining room table and that allows us both to have the news right in front of us. We are even using placemats!

Jim was reading Traveller magazine and came across a small article that he found interesting, regarding the airlines. According to this article, the IRS has a greater customer satisfaction rating than the airline industry! 

I was supposed to have Bell Choir rehearsal tonight, the first of the season, but it was cancelled because about half of the ringers had to be absent. So, I have a free evening. I think we are going to the library and then do some knitting on my cable sweater. Pretty exciting, huh?

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