Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's Raining!

We awoke early this morning to the sound of a gentle rain, a much needed rain and it has continued most of the day. I'm sure the farmers are loving this precipitation and the rest of us can enjoy an "indoor" day.

At dinner last night, we were trying to figure out if there was a movie we wanted to see (there wasn't) or if there was something else we wanted to do. We decided to call our friends Sherri and Terry and see if they were available to go to Lugia's for ice-cream. They were, but before we went on the ice cream run, we went to their house and played a bean bag game, similar to horseshoes (see the first photo). Sherri said that in Indiana they call this game "Corn Hole" and I told her that in the world of PE, it is called "Baggo". Either way, we played 3 close games and Jim and I came out victorious! Then it was off for ice cream, which was delicious. We had a fun Saturday evening and got caught up on what Sherri and Terry and their kids have been doing. 

I asked Jim to be in charge of planning and
cooking dinner tonight and that is what he is in the kitchen doing as I write this. There are wonderful smells coming from that direction! He is being very adventuresome and is trying a recipe from Wegmans most recent Menu magazine - he just called me to dinner, got to go! I'll report after I do the dishes.

Dinner was a huge success. Jim made the Pasta with Escarole, Beans, and Sausage recipe in the Fall 2007 Menu magazine and it is a winner. If you are not lucky enough to live near a Wegmans, you could access this recipe at The only change he made was that he used poultry italian sausage instead of regular pork italian sausage, to save a few fat grams. To add to the main course, Jim cooked fresh green beans and made a green salad. All was wonderful and I hope he agrees to cook again sometime.

I spent a fair amount of time knitting today and finished the front of the sweater I am working on. Since the back was already completed, I sewed the front to the back and will next start on the neck ribbing, then it is on to the sleeves. I think I have the most complicated cable stitches done at this point so hopefully the rest of the knitting will not be as intense as the last 6 inches have been  on the front yoke part. 

We talked to Corey this afternoon and he has been showing a recruit around SU for the weekend. He says he actually is responsible for having meals with this guy and entertaining him in the evenings. The guy is from Portland, OR so they had something to talk about (besides SU) since Corey seriously considered going to the University of Portland. Corey runs in his first race on Friday in Boston and he says that the team will travel on Thursday, returning to campus on Friday night. 

Tucker, thanks for the comment. We now know that you emerged from your cave survey!

Here is another entry from my Buzzwords Dictionary:
Multi-slacking - The act (or art) of performing multiple non-productive tasks at once. The best multi-slackers simultaneously talk on the phone, surf the Web, and watch TV.

Have a good week.

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Amy Johnson said...

I'm so glad mom shared your blog site with's fun reading about what's going on! All is good here - Andrew is playing football and Megan is the manager for the freshman volleyball team. I can't believe she's in HS already!