Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mid-Week Review

Wow - between school and evening activities, I've been busy!

School is going well and my student teacher is doing a great job. That's him in the photo, doing the part of the first lesson where we talk about proper footwear for PE.

Monday night I attended the PTA meeting at LR. I like to attend the meetings when I can because I remember how much I liked seeing teachers at the PTA meetings when Tucker and Corey were in school plus the PTA is a strong supporter of our Field Day activity. They budget money so we can have a DJ at Field Day and they buy the participation awards for 900 students. I also get a lot of parent volunteers which is why the day is such a success and a popular event. This Friday night is the LR PTA Welcome Back picnic and I plan on attending since Jim will be in Boston for Corey's race.

Last night I went rowing and Jim went to his coach's house for a run and then a meeting/dinner party. I joined up with him in time to have dinner and to hear about the plans for the XC season. I think Jim's first race is Sept. 22 or 23. He has one race that is about a mile away from the casino near Utica (Turning Stone), so I will probably go to that race with him and go work the one-armed bandits until I lose my $20!

Tonight is Bells and tomorrow I am going to row since I cannot row on Saturday.

We talked to Tucker on Monday evening and he has an incredible story to tell about a man having a heart attack in a remote cave that he was working in. Tucker, if you write up the story and e-mail it to me I will share it with our loyal readers.

Speaking of readers, Amy is a new reader and I say welcome and thanks for the comment. Let me know what is happening with your family and I will will share that too.

Zach's  Boy Scout Troop is selling popcorn, an annual fundraiser, and if you would like to support Zach's troop and haven't heard from him, leave me a comment and I will let you how to get in touch with him. Good Luck, Zach, with the sale. 

I want to make some cookies for Jim to take to Corey and his teammates on Friday so I guess I better get started on those this afternoon. I think I will make a batch of "Orange Cookies" since Corey is an Orangeman! I sent Corey to school with a box of those cookies and he reported back that they were popular. I imagine any kind of homemade cookie is popular with college students, though. And don't worry Tucker, I will mail some to you too!

Jim hung a load of laundry out yesterday and it got rinsed 3 more times! Today looks like a better drying day.

Since early in September, our mailbox has been full of catalogs. Anyone else getting their exercise just carrying in the mail? I guess we are supposed to be thinking about Christmas gifts, but I'm not really there yet. Now Maryanne, she is good and probably has her shopping done by now!

Guess that's all for now. Hope all is well with you.

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