Friday, September 14, 2007

Corey's Race

The news I know you all have been waiting for - how did Corey run? Jim drove to Boston for the race and called me a short time ago to report that Corey ran very well. His time was 25:28 for an 8K course. He was in the top 25% of the finishers and was very happy with his run. Jim says he took lots of pictures and I will post a few of them when Jim brings home the camera. For those of you statistic nuts here are a couple more details from the race. Corey ran the first 5K of the race in 15:57, almost a PR for him for that distance and he went through the first mile at 4:50 minutes. Sounds good to me! Corey and the team were driving back to Syracuse tonight and Jim was heading for Jenny Lake where he will spend the night. 

I got a good chuckle while reading the Greece Post (the town newspaper). There was an article about going back to school and 4 Longridge students were interviewed about what they were excited about as they started the school year and what they were nervous about. One of my second graders said he was excited about science and studying weather. Then he went on to say that he was worried about "gym, because I think the obstacle course is going to be hard"!!!!  This kid has never been afraid in PE and has always been able to excel at our activities. To think that he was afraid of the rare obstacle course made me laugh out loud. 

Tomorrow is the Hemlock Fiber Festival and I can't believe how excited I am. Hope I can get a good night's sleep tonight. When Jim left for Boston, he reminded me of my one limitation when attending events like these, No Sheep!

The weather has been very summer-like here for the past couple of days and I have taken my classes outside. Strong winds and thunderstorms are supposed to blow through tonight bringing much cooler temps for tomorrow. Did the Michigan family have those storms today?

Have a great weekend! I'll have fiber photos and Corey photos in future posts.

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Joanie said...

We did not have storms in Michigan yesterday - just high winds - but lots of sun - a beautiful day for a walk!