Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday NIght Summary

It was a beautiful autumn day here in Western New York, with the leaves putting on a magnificent color show.

I went to church this morning with Grandma and the people around church were glad to see her and ask about Grandpa.

I decided to ride by bike to see Grandpa this afternoon and it was a delightful ride.

There was no bike rack, but a secure pole right by the front door served that purpose.

Grandpa was doing fine, but realizing that tomorrow the physical therapy starts and that will be hard work.

Yesterday when I was at a local yarn store, they were having a raffle and I got a call today saying that my name was drawn to win a door prize! I need to find time to go to the store in Brighton and collect my prize. When I asked about what the prize might be, I was told that there were bags of yarn or knitting bags from which to choose.

Jim sent a few photos from his visit to the Museum of Cultures in Helsinki. There is a small display of artifacts from the Mesa Verde area here in the USA. I believe it was a Swedish man that collected all the artifacts, causing quite a stir here in the USA. This guy took all the stuff to Sweden and then a Finnish man bought the collection and it is now housed in the Museum of Cultures. This removal of US history was one of the factors that led to the adoption of the federal Antiquities Act which prohibits the collection and removal of artifacts that pertain to US cultures. I'm sure Jim or Tucker will correct me if I have given incorrect info here, but I think I'm close.
So here is a photo from the Helsinki museum.

I have my Yankees cap ready for tonight's game. Unfortunately I may not be able to watch the whole game as tonight is a school night.

I am going to sew the shoulder seams in Tucker's sweater and then I have to decide whether to start the sleeves or the placket and collar.

Gram and GrandDad come back from seeing Jim, Maryanne and Zach this weekend. I look forward to hearing about their visit.

Hope all is well.

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