Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday, Saturday

Grandpa Update: Yesterday Grandpa was moved from the hospital to the Transitional Care Center on the same campus as the hospital. Yesterday was a very tiring day for Grandpa, but today he seemed better. The nurses got him up for a short walk which is a step in the right direction. Grandpa has a roommate, Michael, but I don't know anything about him. There is a limit of a 14 day stay in this Transitional Care Unit, so Grandpa needs to work hard to become more independent in the next 2 weeks.

Dad left for Finland today and will be back in a week. The Helsinki forecast was for cold, rainy weather, a big difference from the sunny, warm weather we enjoyed when we were there in August. But he is going there to work, and probably will not have much time to see the sights. He is staying in the same Holiday Inn, by the train station, that we stayed in so I can picture exactly where he is!

Today I did a bunch of errands, worked in the yard a bit and visited Grandpa. Grandma and I made plans for me to have dinner with her at The Villages on Monday. Apple-crusted tilapia is one of the menu items that night~yummy!

Tonight I had planned on knitting and watching the Yankees game, but the game has been rained out. Plan B will have me knitting while watching college football. The Yankees will try to get their spot in the World Series tomorrow night!

Go Yankees! My Rally Cap is ready!

Hope all is well.

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