Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tidings on Tuesday

Grandpa Update: According to Grandma, Grandpa had a good day of physical therapy and wasn't as tired as yesterday. He also was a more upbeat.

I got this report from Grandma because I seem to have caught a cold and I did not want to share it with Grandma and Grandpa so I phoned Grandma to get the news. I also did not want to share my germs with Gram and GrandDad so I had to back out of their dinner invitation. I opened a can of chicken noodle soup and have been sitting around, sometimes knitting, sometimes napping. I plan on going to bed early tonight and hope to get a good night's sleep. Today there were 125 kids absent from school, so me having a cold is not a surprise.

Gram and GrandDad had a good trip to see Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Maryanne and Zach and got to see Zach play soccer. I asked Zach to send some action photos of him playing soccer and so Maryanne sent some that she had taken in games past. So, here is Zach on the soccer field.

Good Luck in the playoffs, Zach and keep us posted on the outcome of the games.

Jim is working hard in Finland and he reports that since the sun sets at 4:10 PM, he has no time outside in the daylight hours. Tomorrow is Jim's birthday! Happy Birthday, Jim! There are some cards here at home that came in the mail for you (at least I think they are cards, I did not open them!).

I guess that is all for tonight. I probably won't blog tomorrow night because I have bell rehearsal.

Hope all is well.

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