Saturday, November 22, 2008

Syracuse Wins!

Now I don't know why we decided to watch the Syracuse vs. Notre Dame football game on TV, but we did, I was spinning and Jim was surfing, so the game was kind of like background noise. We watched as Syracuse played a pretty good first half but figured they would blow it in the second half as has become their pattern. And sure enough, the third quarter was painful to watch. We ate dinner during the fourth quarter and turned on the TV once when we finished. And there they were, the Orange with a one point lead with 35 seconds left in the game and the ball in Notre Dame's hands. It was too much to hope that they could maintain that tiny lead, but they did and it was a huge upset! The lame duck coach and players were so happy, it was joyous to watch. The Notre Dame players looked like they were in shock! So, congratulation SU-it was fun to watch!

It was a cold, clear day here-the kind you might expect in early February. But it didn't keep us in. We made our trip to the Eastman House to see the gingerbread houses. As a bonus we walked through the photo display of trains, which was interesting and we got to see the Eastman House all decked out in its Christmas finery. The gingerbread houses spanned quite a range- from creations by Girl Scout troops to what looked like professional chefs' entries. Some looked about like the ones I have created:

Others were obvious children's creations, heavy with icing and candy!

This one reminded us of the Cinderella Carriage that took the grandparents and grand aunts back to their hotel after the rehearsal dinner for Michal's and Elizabeth's wedding in Memphis.

And this one had a snow fort in the backyard of the gingerbread house, reminding us of the snow fort that Tucker and Corey built last year. We then hosted a Winter Solistice Party in the fort and had a great time! Maybe we can do that again this year-of course Mother Nature and Tucker and Corey would need to cooperate to make that happen!

The Eastman House did look beautiful, especially the staircase to the upstairs. And for those of you who have never been to the George Eastman House, that is an elephant head mounted on the wall in the great hall-old George liked to hunt!

After our tour of the Eastman House Jim dropped me off at the Rochester Museum and Science Center to check out the annual Holiday Craft Sale. Jim went on to the main library. The Craft Sale is set up right in the museum and it was a bit unsettling to be looking at beaded jewelry with a mastodon looking down at the same jewelry!

I bought a few things-a glass bowl with Christmas lights painted  on it, some Christmas earrings to wear to school, and a Christmas gift so I cannot say anything else about that. I lasted about an hour there when I called Jim for a pick-up. He had just arrived in the museum parking lot, knowing that I am terrible shopper and would not be more than an hour!

Here is a photo of my Christmas cactus. It is so much healthier looking this year since I re-potted it this spring. Corey, go water your Christmas cactus!
It may be time to throw out my white pumpkin. I'm not sure it will survive wearing this white hat!
I spent some time spinning this afternoon and I am using some fiber from a Blue-Faced Leister sheep, which I bought at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in October. It is so easy to spin and I love to see the crimp in the fiber from the curly locks on the sheep.
This will be a long-term spinning project as I bought 2.5 pounds of fiber and I probably spun up an ounce of fiber this afternoon! That's OK though, because I truly enjoy the process.

Tomorrow I will get Jim to take a photo of me wearing my new rayon scarf. I love it!

Both Tucker and Corey called tonight. Both are well and both are looking forward to their trip's home-Corey for Thanksgiving and then Tucker and Corey for Christmas.  We can hardly wait to have them under our roof again too!

Hope all is well.

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