Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Corey's Home!

Corey got back into town around 2 PM today and, as you may guess, we are very happy to have him back with us for a few days. He got a ride home with one of his teammates who lives in Penfield, so we had a short drive to get him. Upon arriving home he promptly found some leftovers in the refrigerator and ate them up! 

We 3 were invited to Bob and Sally's house for dinner tonight. Liz is in town also, so we were glad to see her. They had a full house as Sandy and Walt were there too, along with Carolyn, Matt and their 2 children, Mia and Ben. We had a great dinner with lively conversation. Here are some photos from our time together:

Liz and Corey.

Bob cleaning up the kitchen after a super supper!

Carolyn, Mia, Ben and Matt.

Sitting around after dinner, Walt, Sally, Bob, Liz, Corey and Jim.

Before Corey got home, we had a busy morning. After getting some exercise (running for Jim and biking for me), I got some desserts baked for tonight's dinner. We cleaned up  the house and opened the door to Corey's room so it could start to warm up (wasn't that nice of us!).

We made a trip to Wegmans so there would be some food for Corey and then we stopped at Panera's for lunch. We walked in and heard someone calling our names and there were our friends, Julie and Steve! We hadn't seen them in ages so we got our lunches (yippee, the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad has returned to Panera's!) and shared their table and then shared a lot of laughs. Very quickly an hour went by and we are now planning to go out to dinner in the near future to continue the fun. It was so good to see them and catch up with what our families have been up to.

When we got home, we cleaned some gutters and raked a few leaves.

We got to quit the leaves when Corey called to say he was getting close to Penfield and we needed to go get him.

I spun for an hour and a half this afternoon so all in all it has been a great day.

Did you see the finals of Dancing with the Stars last night? Brooke and Derek won, which pleased me. I'm a bit sorry to see that show end because now I won't get to see them dance every week. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Give some thought to what you are thankful for.

Hope all is well.

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Liz said...

It was fun seeing you all last night (and most of you this morning)! That picture of me and Corey is great - can you send me a copy of it?