Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We have had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and hope you had the same. Did you take some time to ponder the many things for which you are grateful? Research shows that people who reflect on their blessings are healthier and happier, so don't delay, reflect today.

Our day started early as Jim was running in the Race with Grace. He left real early and I went over a bit later to spectate. GrandDad went with me. Corey stayed home and slept. Jim had a good race, finishing 19th out of 886 runners in this 10K race.

Bob and Liz ran also and should be congratulated on finishing 6th out of 17 father/daughter teams! 

Once Corey got up and Jim got home from the race awards ceremony (he won his age-group, so had to stay to pick up the award $), we all went out to finish raking and hauling leaves. We were glad to have Corey here to help. 
We had Thanksgiving dinner at Gram and GrandDad's house with Grandma and Grandpa. G & G's house smelled so good when we walked in - the advantage of cooking a turkey! Although I cannot really complain because I made  grape pie for dessert and our house smelled great from baking that this morning.

As you may guess, we had a great dinner. The turkey was perfect, as were all the side dishes. Here are some photos from our time Thanksgiving meal. Thanks Mom and Dad, it was all wonderful!

Tucker called us from his Thanksgiving celebration in Denver at Natalie's parents house. He was enjoying his time there. My brother Bob called too and we were able to get some details about his pheasant hunting expedition. Apparently Bob went to a hunting reserve of about 500 acres. According to Bob, the people who run the reserve "put out" a dozen pheasants and Bob and buddies went out and shot them. To us it sounded like shooting fish in a barrel, but he assured us it was much more sporting and real work at times.
But, he had a manly kind of a good time, creating fodder for future Neandrathal sessions of beer-drinking and the telling of lies! Bob, I'm glad you had fun-it sure looked like a beautiful day to be outside enjoying Mother Nature with your friends (even if you were shooting those poor birds who didn't stand a chance!).

So, anyone getting up super early tomorrow to shop? Not me. I may walk to the mall later in the morning to get a pair of sneakers that I work in because I can save $30, but I will not be setting an alarm. Plus, I have been given very few gift ideas from my guys, so I have nothing to shop for. 

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope all is well.


Brother Bob said...

So - the "poor birds who didn't have a chance..." huh?!! That's the idea - is to SHOOT them - flying, by the way. The only way that they would have stood a chance of not being shot is if you or Jim were shooting at them!

I'll bring some to Rochester and cook them up for you - they are really good!


Joanie said...

We'll look forward to celebrating Christmas with all of you!