Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monday Minutiae

Well, there is nothing earth-shattering to report, but then again, there rarely is. So here is what is happening.

Plant Update: 2 of my 3 amaryllis bulbs are sprouting and the 3rd one is showing potential. My Christmas cactus is blooming and it is beautiful.
My one green, leafy plant, whose name I cannot remember, is going to bloom too. There hasn't been a white flower blossom on that plant for a long time so that is a treat. 

I did finish sewing my bathrobe. I am quite pleased with it and it is toasty warm!I sewed for about 5 hours yesterday only taking a break for lunch. It was getting pretty cold on my sewing porch yesterday (but not as cold as it would have been today) so I would come into the living room to do trimming and pinning work and then go out to the porch to use the sewing machine. I was actually excited about having to go to the basement to press seams opened because that was a warm job!

Jim raced yesterday and he once again won his age-group. This was the last race in the Upstate Cross-Country Series (5 races all together) and he was the overall winner for his age-group. This makes the 5th year in a row that Jim was the overall winner in his age-group, prompting the Upstate XC series race director to call Jim's performance, "legendary!"

Here is a restaurant review for those of you residing in the local area. Last night we went out to dinner with Bob and Sally to a fairly new place in the Corn Hill area, called Virtu. It is right on the river and we had a window table with a view of the river and the new Freddie-Sue Bridge. We all had their house salad which included mixed field greens, blue cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and the house balsamic vinegarette dressing. We each selected a different entree and none of us were disappointed. The service was attentive and personable and the atmosphere was very warm and pleasant. If you haven't tried this place, make a reservation. This is one restaurant we should keep around. 

Sunday I had to go to JoAnn's Fabric and Craft store and all their autumn decorations were 70% off so I bought this wreath for our front door for $8.oo. I like it.
I'm watching DWTS while writing this and my favorites, Brooke and Derek, had their first bad dance. Brooke missed most of her steps, hopefully this won't get them voted out of the finals next week.

We were out of Whitley's honey roasted peanuts so when I got a 10% discount code in an e-mail, I placed an on-line order. The case arrived today so we are set for the holidays when the boys are home.

Yesterday I bought some candy canes at Wegmans and amazingly enough they have not gone up in price in years! I bet that for the last 7 or 8 years they have cost 99 cents for 6 ounces! 

Time to knit.

Hope all is well.

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