Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Friday

Phew, what a week. It has been a tough week at school for some of our students. Child Protective Services were here to see about a child who was being beaten if he didn't earn all the stars on his behavior chart. Two other children (first graders) have been directly related to tragic news stories that have been on the front pages of the Democrat and Chronicle. It is all rather heart-wrenching to watch these young children deal with adult problems. Fortunately these kids have been able to come to Phys. Ed. and play like children should, in a safe, fun and caring environment.

Winter has come to Rochester. It is snowing now and is supposed to snow on and off the rest of the weekend. And cold-into the teens tonight! 

Jim and I were going to go to the George Eastman House tonight to see the gingerbread houses that are on display, but when I checked the schedule, the House closed at 5 PM tonight so we'll try to go on Saturday or Sunday. I hope to get some inspiration for a gingerbread house I hope to make in early December. 

We have a pretty casual weekend planned. There was nothing interesting on TV so we went to the basement for awhile tonight and threw out some stuff. We got rid of many old magazines and boxes. It was a good start, but not too stressful. 

The Christmas cactus is spectacular. Maybe I'll take a photo tomorrow when the light is better. 

Tonight I finished knitting my purple/blue rayon scarf and put it into the washing machine to felt it. I didn't know rayon felted, but those were the directions I got when I bought the yarn. I had to use the dryer (as per the directions) and sure enough the scarf shrunk a bit. The colors are fantastic and it should be very warm because the fabric is pretty dense after felting. 

Today I got my last yarn shipment from my sock club. I am way behind in knitting up those socks but I do have some pretty yarn for "someday!" 

Not sure what Tucker or Corey are up to this weekend, but we'll probably hear from them in the near future.

Time to watch the first season of The Cosby Show on DVD. That is funny stuff.

Hope all is well. 

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