Saturday, July 12, 2008

Toronto's Great, Eh?

Our 36 hour trip to Toronto was jam-packed full of fun-so much so, that Jim and I were commenting on the drive home that it seemed like longer than one day ago that we drove up there. So here is our account.

We left home just before 8 AM on Friday, as the rain started to fall. We were only a little concerned with the current weather because we had planned to go bike riding when we got to Toronto, but the weather people were predicting that the rain would move through by late morning. And they were right! After an uneventful drive, including through customs, we parked along Lakeside Blvd at one of the parking lots for the park areas along this stretch of Lake Ontario. As a result of some internet research we knew to stop at the Ontario Welcome Center on the QEW and pick-up a Toronto Bicycle Map, which we did. The great map opened up a world of biking opportunities in Toronto. So we ate our picnic lunch, changed into our biking clothes and headed out on the Lakeshore trail to the Humber River Trail. This is the bridge over the Humber River at the start of the bike trail. 

We headed north, following the river, and rode almost 15 miles until the trail ended. For the most part the trail was on a separate bike trial, with a couple of short portions on roads. The trail was well-marked and we enjoyed riding through residential areas, urban industrial areas and a variety of city parks. We took a couple of side trails on way back so by the time we got back to the car we had logged 34 miles. The weather was great for biking and the riding was wonderful. We looked forward to riding on Saturday. 

After checking into our hotel (Sheraton Centre) we took a walk around an art festival which was right across the street from our hotel, surrounding the reflecting pool by city hall. There was a lot of interesting artwork, but very little that I would consider putting in my home.

Then we headed for Rogers Centre, the baseball stadium for the Toronto Blue Jays, who were playing the Yankees, our reason for going. Unfortunately, this was not the night for the Yankees, they lost 5-0 and they played pretty poorly! Now that I am home,  I checked the score for this afternoon's game between the Jays and Yankees and the Yankees won 9-4! I guess we were at the wrong game. We did have fun and I was glad we were there. I even wore my pink Yankees hat! Again, I was surprised by the number of Yankees fans at the game-it almost seemed like a 50-50 split.

Today, after breakfast at Cora's, we rode our bikes east on the Lakeshore Trail, ending at The Beaches area. On our return trip we rode north on a trail that followed the Don River. Again, another great trail! We stopped to watch a rubgy game and saw one team score. During our ride today we also saw a Master's Tennis Tournament, a beach volleyball tournament, soccer games, baseball games, lawn bowling, war canoe training, runners, roller-bladers, walkers, and lots of bikers. Here is a rugby photo.

I wanted to go to my favorite yarn store in Toronto so instead of driving there and having to find a place to park, we decided to ride our bikes. I later realized that this impacted how much yarn I could buy. Now you need to know that this is also Jim's favorite yarn store because, just a couple of shops away is an Adult Lingerie store, which features live models in their store front windows! Yes, you read that right, live girls, wearing some of the things that are sold in this store, which is aptly named, Miss Behavin'! Jim happened to notice that there was an available place to lock our bikes right in front of this establishment, so he took his time locking up the bikes!

We ate our lunch on Queen Street at an Italian place recommended by one of the yarn store employees and it was wonderful. 

When we finally got back to our car we had covered 37 miles and thought we'd better be heading home. 

Jim drove both to and from Toronto so I got lots of knitting done. The old QEW had some slow sections today which made our trip a bit longer, but customs wasn't too bad so overall it was a fine trip home.

Here is a weird story that happened to us. We get in an elevator to go up to our room in the hotel and one other guy gets in with us. He is wearing a Yankees shirt and we talk about going to the game. He then asks us if we are from Rochester, we say yes. He then asks if we live in Greece and again, we say yes and seriously try to figure out if we know this guy. He then asks if we live on Apollo Drive and then he tells us that he was one of the cops who investigated our house robbery-over 2 years ago!!! And just to add to the coincidences with this story, he was staying on the same floor in the same hotel as we were and then at the game, he sat in the same section where we had our seats! 

Tomorrow is Sunday-we'll go to church and then I will ride my bike if the weather cooperates.

Hope all is well. 

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