Monday, July 14, 2008

Corey's Wild Week

Now that Corey has returned home from his trip to West Virginia, and rested up, he has submitted some photos to this blog. 

So here goes. Corey and his friend Mike spent 4 days kayaking in Pennsylvania and West Virginia before spending the weekend at the All Good concert. I guess all these photos are from their kayaking/camping days. 

Corey enjoying breakfast at one of their campsites.

Corey admiring a side stream waterfall, along the Cheat River.
The photo below shows Corey scouting the rapid called The Recyclotron on the Cheat. They managed to get by this mammoth hole by sneaking by on the left of the hole.
This is Corey running Moats Falls on the Tygart River.

And this is what the van looked like after several days kayaking and camping. Unfortunately you are missing out on the smell that eminated from the car after the boys had been piling in their wet kayaking stuff for a week!

Corey had just a few photos from the concert. This was one of those concerts with 10's of thousands of people hanging out in a farmer's field. Corey enjoyed the music and the people-watching. Sometime when you see him ask him about the hippies at the concert. He has lots of stories to tell. 

I am getting my stuff together for RAGBRAI in preparation for my Thursday departure. Tomorrow I am taking one more bike ride with Bob, Sally, and Pam and it is supposed to be a nice riding day. 

Here's a news flash: We bought gas at the Henrietta BJ's for $3.98/gallon! We had to wait about 12 minutes in line, but the van was nearly empty so we saved some nice change. Later, the lead story on the local evening news was about the discrepancy between BJ's gas prices! The Victor BJ's was $4.16 and Greece was $4.14. People were wondering why some BJ's members were getting more benefits from their membership than others, so the news was investigating. No answers were really given, but we were happy to fill up with "cheap" gas!

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