Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1,000 Plus Miles

On this beautiful day, I went bike riding with Bob, Sally and Pam and we had a great ride of over 50 miles. We were on the canal trail for 25 of those miles and it was quite pleasant riding. To get some hill work in, we turned south from the canal trail and rode through Mendon Ponds Park. We ate lunch at Aladdin's before heading home. 

As I was riding through the Greece Canal Park my cyclometer indicated that I had ridden 55 miles so far, which put me over 1,000 miles of training since April! I am quite pleased with that amount and feel ready to go to Iowa. The last time I did RAGBRAI, I had 660 training miles, so I believe I am in better shape this time, which is a good thing since I am 2 years older now!

Tomorrow I plan on doing a different kind of spinning-on my spinning wheel. I hope to get to the yarn store in East Rochester in the morning, where my spinning teacher holds an informal "spin-in".  I will finish up my packing and preparation for Iowa in the afternoon and then in the evening I am teaching yoga at Bethany's Vacation Bible School, where the theme is Peace Making.

Thursday is the day I head west. What did I forget to pack?

Hope all is well. 

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