Sunday, July 6, 2008

Adios to Jenny Lake

After 5 great days at Jenny Lake, we left this morning. I rode my bike from camp to Johnstown, about 36 miles, and then Jim picked me up at a Stewarts. I had a good ride and for the second time in a row, I got my average speed to just over 15 mph, which makes me very happy. 

We had a wonderful stay at Jenny Lake, doing all those things we like to while at camp-swimming, fishing, reading on the beach, relaxing, eating great food, and chatting with people we only see at summer. Thanks to Mom and Dad for their great company. This year I took my spinning wheel to camp, thinking that spinning on the porch would be delightful-and it was. I spun every day and finished making the orange fiber into yarn. I took the finished skeins down to the lake and dipped them in, squeezed the water out, and then let them dry on the  deck. I'm quite pleased with the finished result. Now I need to get started on navy blue to go with the orange for a scarf for Corey. 

Here is a photo from one evening when I rowed Jim around the lake so he could fish. He managed to catch a couple of fish each of the two times I "guided" him around the lake. 

We talked to Tucker while we drove home this afternoon. He had been in Telluride, CO, for the 4th of July, enjoying the festivities with friends. He sent this photo of him in front of Lizard Head Peak, where he and his friends were hiking and camping. 

Several of Corey's SU friends stopped in today on their way back to SU from PA. We invited the 3 of them to join us for a Ponty's dinner, which they were glad to do. Corey had already taken them to Tahoe's for a garbage plate, and to the beach for an Abbotts. They enjoyed the "hat trick" of Rochester foods! We enjoyed our visit with Griff, Ben and Steve, and would welcome them into our home anytime they were in the area. 

Tomorrow Corey leaves for a weekend concert in West Virginia. He and his friend, Mike G., are leaving this early in the week so they can go kayaking for a few days before the concert starts. We will be back to our empty nest status for a week. 

Hope all is well.

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