Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the  Dad's who are reading this blog. I am a very lucky person because I have a father who is an active participant in lives of me and my family. My father-in-law still makes us laugh and my husband is a great father to our sons. I love you all!

We started our Father's Day as we have done for at least the last nine years and that is at the Medved 5K Race for ALS. I was working the registration table which meant that I had to be at Frontier Field at 6:30 AM. Jim and Corey arrived a bit later for an 8:30 start to the race. This first photo shows Corey in the orange shorts and white shirt. You may be able to click right on the photo to enlarge it. That is supposed to be true for any photos in my blog.
 They both ran well considering the setbacks they have each had in their training in the last 5 months and were able to defend their Father/Son championship title for the 9th year! Jim is in the center of this photo in the black shorts and white shirt.
 It was a beautiful day for a race and we enjoyed our time at Frontier Field post race. 

After all the awards had been handed out, I took my bike out of the van and went for a 30 mile bike ride. I picked up the Green Trail along the river just south of the Central Library and took that to Genesee Valley Park, where I picked up the Canal Trail. I headed east to Pittsford, where I took a short break at Shoen Place before turning back west. It was a great day for a bike ride and I felt good while riding. This photo was taken just before going under the new 490 bridge over the river. It was a pretty view upstream.

My afternoon was filled with errands and then preparing dinner for Grandma and Grandpa who joined us for dinner on the patio. Corey grilled steaks and because it was Father's Day, we added baked beans to the meal! 

I spent the evening catching up on my ironing and watching Tiger Woods once again create magic on a golf course! Amy has spent this past week in San Diego volunteering at the U. S. Open Golf tournament-any comments or photos to share from your experience, Amy? Hope it was fun!

A big thanks to Terry for all the comments you made as you did a marathon read of my blog. It was good to hear from you. 

Not much work on the baby jacket that I am knitting. I think I bound off about 5 stitches!

Hope all is well.

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Amy Johnson said...

I have returned from the US Open and had a FABULOUS time! It was amazing how many people could crowd into such a small area around the 18th green! I have some photos on my camera...when I figure out how to get them to my computer, I will share them! Rocco Mediate was 'trick putting' on the practice green Saturday morning only a couple of feet from me so I have a pretty good photo of him!!