Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wonder Where I Went?

I haven't posted an entry since Tuesday and I don't think it is because I've been doing lots of wonderful things, the time just seems to fly by and then it is time to go to bed! 

Today we had company for dinner and that was fun! Bob and Joanie, along with Mike and Sharon were here for a Ponti's dinner, on their way home to Michigan from Jenny Lake. Bob bought the Ponti's (pizza and wings) and I made a salad and dessert (grape pie and/or ice cream with berries). We had a lot of laughs and got caught up on each other's lives. 
Today was a mostly rainy day, one of those good rains that waters the new lawn and flowers. It cleared by late afternoon and some of us were able to get a walk in after dinner. I rowed in the rain this morning, but it was a light rain and it actually felt good. 

This afternoon the 3 of us went to the Rochester International Jazz Festival to hear the Odyssey Jazz Band perform. They were playing at one of the free, outside venues and they sounded good. We got to see some Odyssey folks we haven't seen in a while. 

This past week at school has been crazy as I had extra responsibilities of putting out the school newsletter, doing report cards for 400 children and helping plan a retirement party for 2 colleagues who have done their time! Next Friday is Field Day, which means that I have another crazy week ahead of me. If you have any pull with the weather gods, I could really use decent weather next Friday or else I have to cancel Field Day and that would break my heart along with the hearts of 850 kids. See what you can do!

Corey made it home from his kayak instructor's course with his certification. He starts teaching next week. 

Tomorrow is Father's Day, which means one thing around here. Jim and Corey will be running in the MedVed 5K for ALS. Jim and either Tucker and Corey have won the Father/Son category at this race for the last 8 years. Tomorrow they go for win number 9. I will get to the race early so I can help with registration, a job that I have done for almost as many years. I'm hoping the weather is cooperative tomorrow because I would like to get a good bike ride in after the race. 

I am almost finished with the baby sweater I am knitting for a colleague whose wife is pregnant. I will most likely complete it tomorrow and will post a photo at a future date. 

Time to go to bed-another busy day tomorrow.

Hope all is well.

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Tucker said...

I would pay a lot of money for a Pontis and wings!