Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally Friday

Whew, this has been a busy week and I am looking forward to the weekend. 
Here's an update on the work that has been going on in our yard. Everyday this week the town has been bringing in fill dirt and bulldozing that around. Today they sprayed the new soil with that green grass seed stuff. Now we need to keep it moist, I guess. We have no experience with that kind of process. It is supposed to rain this weekend, which should get us off to a good start. The town needs to finish off the back corner of our yard, where it butts up to The Source parking lot. I guess we'd like a shrub line to serve as a fence for privacy and to keep people from cutting through our yard on the way to the mall. I am also interested in seeing how some of our trees have survived the ordeal of having their roots disrupted during the digging process. 
Tucker called tonight and he was tired after a week of walking for 10 hours a day on the project he is on. He said that they have found some interesting artifacts so there has been a reward for all that walking. He was looking forward to spending some time with friends this weekend and doing some biking. 

Speaking of biking, I'm hoping the weather cooperates so I can go for a 12 mile ride in the Macedon, NY area. The ride is organized by the Terry Bicycle people and is the lead off activity for their big tent sale. I wanted to get one more of their biking skorts so I figured I do the ride and then shop for a few minutes. I need to do all this before I go to my monthly spinning guild meeting. At this meeting I will be picking up my award winning skein of yarn, along with the 2 ribbons it won and the award check! My spinning teacher brought all this stuff home from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival because the skein needed to stay on display until the end of the festival and I was leaving before the festival was over. I can hardly wait to put my skein on the mantle along with my ribbons! Finally, something in the shrine will be from my efforts and not be running related!

Sunday we 3 are volunteering at the Lilac 10K race. The weather is not sounding too good for that day, but I think we all have inside jobs (registration and t-shirt distribution) so we should not be too affected by the cool temps and rain. I will take my bike in the van when we go to the race in the morning and if the weather looks OK when it is time to leave, I'll ride home.

Last night Jim and I went out to dinner at the Garland House in Brockport. I do like that restaurant, especially since it is a local place, not one of the many chains on Ridge Road. 

Hope all is well.

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Terry said...

Hi, again, Marji,

I'm doing a marathon reading of your news to "catch up" a little. Tell me more about the town 'digging in your yard'. I have a tough time visualizing exactly where this happened, front or back, and don't know why. If I keep reading backwards in time, will I come to an explanation?