Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday News

This weekend seems to have flown by and now I'm thinking about school this week.

Saturday I got up early and went for a quick 15 mile bike ride. I had a good ride and was moving right along. I rode early because I wanted to go to the Terry Bicycle Tent sale in Macedon. Macedon is near Victor, where I was going for my spinning guild meeting later in the morning. Years ago I went to the Terry Bikes tent sale and got a biking skort for a good price. I just bought another biking skort from Terry, but paid full price. I thought since I was going out to Victor it would not involve much more driving to get to Macedon. I did find some good buys at the tent sale- a new skort and 2 sleeveless biking tops-all for less than I paid for the one new skort I bought last month!

I got to the spinning guild meeting by 11 AM and settled myself in for a few hours of spinning and fiber talk. My spinning teacher announced my big win at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and returned my skein, ribbons and the award money! I got one bobbin of the orange roving spun for Corey's scarf, so it was a productive time at the meeting. I saw a woman who rows with me at the meeting so that was pretty cool! When I went to the parking lot after the spinning guild meeting, there was another yellow beetle parked right next to mine. Here is the photo-How cute is that!

This morning we were up way too early for a Sunday morning, but we all were volunteering at the Lilac 5 and 10 K races. It was a busy morning there as there were over 600 people in the 5K race and over 1000 in the 10K race. I worked the registration table and took in lots of money and registered lots of people. Jim and Corey worked at the table for people who pre-registered, until Corey went to run the 5K race with 2 of his high school friends. It was a casual run for him, but fun, nonetheless. Before we left the house in the morning, Jim put my bike into the car so I could ride home from the race if the weather cooperated. At 9:30 AM, I changed my clothes in the back of the car, jumped on my bike and headed for the Canal trail. I rode east to Pittsford and then turned around and rode home. It started to rain, lightly, but never got serious about raining, so I continued on. After 21 miles I pulled into our driveway, and again, felt really good about my ride.

I spent the afternoon grocery shopping and knitting. Tonight I got 3 weeks worth of ironing done and am now watching/listening to The Office on TV. This is about the only TV show that Corey watches, and we are enjoying it.

Tomorrow we are meeting with our Long Term Care Insurance counsultant and will sign on the dotted line. I will be glad to have that in place.

Hope all is well.

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