Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life is Good

It is 6 AM, and I am sitting at the table in the beach house watching the world wake up. Small and large boats are heading out of the bay into the ocean, there is a huge freight ship cruising by in the distance with with a eye-catching light display that makes me wonder where it is headed and what it is carrying. Several groups of walkers and runners have passed by on the paved path-what a great way to start the day. Several huge waves have just crashed into the rocky break wall on the far side of bay-maybe from the wake of that huge freighter. The skies are clear, promising sun and warmth later in the day. I'm not too sure of the outside temps yet, but folks look pretty bundled up.

Already, I am feeling rejuvenated by the green grass and sunny skies. I guess one just gets used to the dreary, gray weather that Rochester has served up this winter. 

I think I will go find a few more layers and head out for a walk before Jim and Tucker get up. 

Hope all is well.

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