Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Home, the Good and the Bad

Home-the good news is that Grandpa came home from the hospital late this afternoon. There is an oxygen service coming to their house tonight to deliver a cannister of oxygen for Grandpa. I think Jeannie was his good luck charm. She was here for 24 hours and he managed to get himself well enough to come home.Home-the bad news is that Jim is home. He was supposed to fly to San Diego this afternoon but when he arrived at the airport he discovered that his flight from here to Newark was cancelled, thereby messing up his connection to San Diego. He will try again tomorrow morning, early, at 6 AM. That means we will have to leave for the airport at 4:30 AM. Yikes-that is early. I guess that will allow me time to pack for my trip before I go to school instead of having to do it when I get home. The flight was cancelled because of weather in Newark, but tomorrow's weather looks good for flying. I hope my flights go as planned on Friday because it would be difficult to make alternative arrangements and still get to see the race on Saturday. I will try not to worry about it because worrying will not change anything. 

We talked to Tucker tonight, who had a safe and uneventful trip from Bluff to San Diego. He said that at one point today the weather was so pleasant that he was driving along with the windows down! He is in the hotel room that Jim had booked for the 2 of them and Tucker said it is quite nice. There is even a telescope in the room for whale-watching from his ocean-view room! And poor Jim is stuck here! 

Corey flies to SD with his teammates and coaches tomorrow. Hopefully they will have good luck with their flights. 

So Jim just got home from Grandpa and Grandma's house, checking up on the patient. The oxygen guy was there and set up the compressor that concentrates the level of oxygen and delivers it to Grandpa through a hose. The guy was saying that there should be no open flames in their house because of the oxygen which poses a problem because Grandma cooks on a gas stove with open flames. Sounds like dinner out every night to me!!! I guess they are going to have to change how they do some things and see what their options are when Grandma needs to cook. Here is a photo of the oxygen set-up.

I will say it again, we are so glad that Jeannie is in town, as we are trying to head out of town. 

Time to go to bed since the 4 AM alarm is going to rattle our cage too soon.

Thanks to the folks who have made comments on the blog or via e-mail. I will try to address them in the near future.

Hope all is well.

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