Thursday, February 14, 2008

San Diego Here I Come!

Three of the four Robinson family members are in San Diego and this member that is still at home can hardly wait to get there. I do need to go to bed real soon because I am quite tired after getting up at 4 this morning to take Jim to the airport. His flights were all on time and he and Tucker were settling in to our rental beach house when they called. Here are a couple of photos that they sent me. The first one is the view from our balcony, as you can see it was a cloudy afternoon. When Tucker called me later, it was raining. That weather is to move through tonight and the forecast is for sunshine and 70 degree temps for the next 4 days! Yippee!! The second photo if from the inside of the condo. Both Tucker and Jim agree that we got lucky renting this place off of the internet. 

Corey and his teammates and coaches arrived late this afternoon and they all met up at the race course to check it out. 

Grandpa Update: He had a good day at home and had a visit from a Visiting Nurse, who spent 2 hours with them. She cleared up the issue of using a gas stove while oxygen is being used in the house. She said that the oxygen just needs to be more than 12 feet from the stove. Phew-that problem is solved. They go to the doctor next week to see how long Grandpa will need to be on the oxygen. Did I mention how glad we are that Jeannie is in town with Grandpa and Grandma?

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all. The kids at school were very excited about the days' festivities and my last class of the day was on quite a sugar high! 

One of the packing decisions I needed to make tonight was what knitting projects to take. I decided to continue to work on my Sock Club socks and take another pair of socks in my checked bag if I happen to finish my Sock Club socks. That would be a lot of knitting, but I do have 2 long days of travel. 

My flight is scheduled to leave at 10 AM tomorrow and Gram is taking me to the airport at 8. If all goes well, I should be in SD shortly after 4 PM. The weather is looking good in the cities that I fly into and out of, so I'll hope for no mechanical problems. 

I have computer access while in SD so I should be able to blog. Check back for updates.
Unless I am too busy!

B, S, and L: Have a great trip to Ottawa and take a skate for me!

Hope all is well.

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