Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Last night we had Sherri, Terry, Jean and Dave here for dinner and we had a fun time with them. It was relaxing and enjoyable to spend time catching up with what our families have been up to. We have known these families since our oldest kids were in elementary school. Jean and Dave are going to be San Diego when we are there, so we are hoping to meet up with them at some point.
Today we went to SU for a 2 PM basketball game. We met Corey at the Carrier Dome and had seats behind and above one of the baskets. This was a different perspective from the other 2 times we've been to games and it was good. For the first half we had the SU offense coming at us, and then we got to see the SU defense in action during the 2nd half. It was a good game and SU beat Providence. SU was ahead most of the game, but during the last five minutes they let an 8 point lead slip away and were behind by a point or 2 for until the last minute or so, when they opened up another 8 point lead. The last game we went to, just before Christmas, was went school was on break, so there was no band or cheerleaders. Today's game had it all, including 23,000 fans. I will have to check the SU schedule to see if there is one more game we can get to this season. 
After the game, we took Corey out to dinner and then dropped him off at his dorm. We left him with half a grape pie and half an apple pie, left over from last night's dinner. He also had my leftover pizza from my dinner tonight, so he was a happy camper!

Our drive to and from Syracuse was easy and the weather cooperated. I knit on the way over and since it was dark when we came home, Jim said I had to drive since it was too dark to knit. 

Hope all is well. 

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