Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Catchin' Kids

We awoke to howling winds this morning, and now, at 6 PM, the winds are finally dying down. Gusts were recorded at over 60 mph and the concern first thing this morning at school was how to get the kids into the school before some of the light-weights blew away. All the staff had scary stories about trying to get from the parking lots into the building so we knew we had to help the children. As each bus arrived, it drove to the end of the bus loop where there was a door directly into the large gym about 10 yards from the loop. My PE colleagues and I joined the teaching assistants who normally manage the bus arrival process, and we all grabbed onto the smaller children as they unloaded from the buses. Some of the gusts literally lifted our little ones off the ground! We were catchin' kids! After 35 minutes of this, we were glad to get back into the building and thaw out our hands and feet. At the end of the day we had to help the kids to the buses and we had the added challenge of blowing snow added to the mix. It was an exciting day.

We are having overnight guests tonight! Maw and Porge have been without power all day and will spend the night with us. I wonder what the temp was in their house when they left to go have dinner at church and then head over here. One of the benefits to us is that we will turn up the heat a few degrees for them!!! 

I've knit about 3 inches on my Rockin' Sock Club sock and I like it! There is a one inch cuff of ribbing and then a lace pattern starts. The yarn is very comfortable to knit with so I imagine it will be comfortable on my foot. 

Hope all is well.

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