Friday, February 1, 2008

More Crazy Weather

Sleet, freezing rain, snow, regular rain-we've had it all in the last 12 hours! On Wednesday we were helping students off and on the buses because of high winds and today we had to help again as the sidewalks were so slick and the custodial staff could not work fast enough to keep the walks safe. The freezing rain/sleet was falling so fast that a minute after the custodians cleared an area of the sidewalk, it would be covered with ice again. As far as driving goes, the main roads were OK, but the side roads were covered with an icy slush. I am glad that I only live 3.5 miles from school.

A couple of updates. First, I misspelled Sue's new granddaughter's name-it is Amelia. And we thank Sue for sending a photo-I was right, she is a beautiful baby with a beautiful big sister (and a beautiful mother and beautiful grandmother)!

Second, we ended up not having overnight guests on Wednesday night. Maw called about 7 PM to say that Porge refused to leave their house so they would be staying put, in spite of the fact that their house was 50 degrees due to a power outage. Jim went over to their house to get them to come to our house, but Porge said "NO" in no uncertain terms. Fortunately, their power was restored at 11 PM. 

I am hoping we go to the movies tonight to see The Bucket List. The advantage to living next to a movie theater is that bad weather shouldn't keep us from going there. I'll have to see what Jim's thoughts are on a movie tonight when he gets home.

Last night we went to Mr. Dominic's for dinner because a student gave me gift certificate to this place. It is usually quite busy on the weekends, so we decided to try a Thursday night and had a nice meal with no wait.

Tomorrow is my second spinning class and I am looking forward to it. I have done some research on spinning wheels and tomorrow will try a different wheel and see how I like that one. One of the decisions one has to make when thinking about purchasing a spinning wheel is whether you prefer to treadle with one foot or two. Some wheels are more portable than others and some are prettier than others. Also, the kind of yarn you think you will be spinning will influence your decision. Lots to think about!

It is Super Bowl weekend (I guess you knew that!) so let's do a poll. In the upper left hand corner of this blog is a chance to vote for who you will be cheering for. Voting will end just before kick-off. Please only vote once. Please note that the question is about who you will be cheering for, not who you think will win! There could be a difference!

Hope all is well.

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