Saturday, January 26, 2008

Knitting Knirvana

The last 24 hours have put me on a knitting high. At this point you can start to feel sorry for poor Jim, having to put up with my excitement!

First off, last night I finished knitting my pullover sweater. I decided to have my photo taken in my new sweater, outside, so you might begin to understand how warm this baby is going to be. When I wear this sweater we may be able to turn down the heat in the house another degree or two! 

The second knitting/yarn related event was this morning when I attended the first of four spinning classes. For those of you that know that I love to ride my bike, this is not that kind of spinning. I spun roving (cleaned and carded sheep fleece) into yarn and it was great fun to learn a new skill. I am taking the class at a local yarn store and one of the good parts of this class is that I don't need to have my own spinning wheel, and I can try out several
different types of wheels during the 4 classes. After several frustrating attempts at getting the wheel to spin at the right speed and my hands to move the roving at the right pace, I finally settled into a rhythm and was quite pleased with the single ply yarn I spun. I must have spun over 100 yards! Next week we will spin some more yarn and then we will learn how to "ply" the yarn. Are you completely bored at this point? Just think of poor Jim that has to listen to all this and more! Interesting note: The woman spinning next to me reminded me of Sandy L. (look closely at the other person in the photo)!

I came home from spinning class to find my sock yarn from the Rockin' Sock Club had been delivered! I actually knew it was here because Jim called my cell to tell me-what a guy! The variegations are red to orange and are lovely. These are not colors that I would typically buy, but I am glad to have this yarn and look forward to knitting with it. The pattern has a lacey look to the leg and top if the foot. It should be real pretty when it is finished. 

We are having 2 couples here for dinner tonight and I had better do a reality check to see if everything is ready. None of our guests are knitters, so I guess I will have to get my excitement under control. 

Tomorrow we are off to SU for an afternoon basketball game and then dinner with Corey. My next entry will be either Sunday or Monday night.

Hope all is well!

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