Thursday, January 24, 2008


Every Friday at school, we have Friday Treats. The staff is divided up into groups of 6 or 8 people and each group is responsible for bringing in Friday Treats twice a year. The group I am in is up for tomorrow. Now, ever since this tradition started at school, about 6 years ago, I have brought in Grape Pies for my first turn. Today at school, 4 different people came up to tell me that they were really looking forward to getting a piece of my pie on Friday! There is even a teacher who broke her foot last weekend, who has arranged with another teacher to bring her a piece of my pie! So, tonight I made 3 pies and the house smells wonderful! Don't worry, Corey! There are still quite a few left in the freezer. 

Today was the 3rd day I endured a really cold gym. The temperature has been 63 degrees, with a wind chill from the air ducts that were blowing cold air. Today I was wearing so much wool, that I could have been a sheep! Even with physical activity, the kids were complaining about the cold! This afternoon the district boys came over and fixed what they messed up last Friday when they came in  to do routine maintenance and the warm air is going again. 

Here is an interesting story: Sally was in San Francisco last week and while she was there she lost her wallet. She had to do all that bothersome stuff like canceling credit cards and getting a new driver's license, and you can imagine the challenge of trying to fly home when your only ID is a fax of your passport. But she made it and today someone sent her wallet back to her! Too late to matter to the credit card people, but isn't it nice to know that there are nice people in the world. I don't have any details, and maybe the wallet was completely empty (there were no details in Sally's e-mail), but I am going to think the best and hope that everything was in order. That's your uplifting story for the day.

I joined a Sock Club. Now before I go on about why I am telling you this, let me say that this is a club hosted by a yarn manufacturer and when you join (one of the first 2000 to send in your money) you get 6 mailings a year of a one-of -a kind yarn and a new pattern, neither of which is available to the general public for one year. Now I'm sure you can understand my excitement when I tell you that our first packages were mailed out today!! I can hardly wait to see what I am getting. This is the second or third year for this sock club and all the big knitting bloggers raved about their projects from last year. I will put a photo of the yarn in the blog when it arrives. I hope I like it-although I guess there is a chance that I won't. I better get knitting on my sweater because it would be nice to have that completed before my first Rockin' Sock Club package arrives. 

We got 4 inches of snow in less than 2 hours this afternoon. Just enough to make it look pretty, but not enough to be a problem.

Hope all is well. 

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