Friday, October 12, 2007

Younger Brother and Orange Pants

My brother, Jim, got into town yesterday and typical of most air-travellers today, he has a story to tell of his trip here. It is truly amazing that the airline industry continues to survive. Any other business that works (or doesn't work) the way the airlines do would have gone belly up a long time ago. But, Jim got here and that's what counts. This afternoon I met him at Arcadia where we watched the first half of the Arcadia/Jefferson soccer game. When we left at half time, Arcadia was winning 1-0. Jim and I walked around the athletic fields at Arcadia, which have been enlarged to accommodate all the sports teams that were added when a middle school was added to the campus. The above photo was taken at dinner tonight. Gram made a leg of lamb, roasted red potatoes, green beans and a green salad. She served a wonderful Apple Pie for dessert. It was all great!
Corey sent this photo of him wearing the orange pants. He wore them on Monday night when he went to the Bob Dylan concert in Syracuse. Lookin' good, Corey!

Jim is packing up for his trip to Jenny Lake/Saratoga. He leaves at 6 AM and I'm hoping he leaves quietly so I can sleep in! 

Tomorrow I will be winding the yak yarn into skeins and trying to get the smell out of it. Joanie has given me another suggestion for how to get the smell out of the yarn, but I may not share it, unless we are forced to try it! 

Hope all is well.

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