Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photo Re-try

I have heard from several loyal readers that 2 of the photos from the last post were not loading into the blog so I will try them here again. 

The first photo is from our rainy hike along the Green Trail River Walk along the Genesee River. The second photo was taken at Cipriani's restaurant with Bob and Sally.
If you can't see the photos this time, oh well. 

Tomorrow at school the second graders are going on a field trip to the Public Market. My student teacher and I are going on the trip too since the second graders will be missing their PE time. I love the public market and it should be a fun trip. 

Jim got an overhaul today-he just walked in and I noticed he got his haircut (he is racing this weekend, so he now has his "fast" haircut!). He tells me that he also got a flu shot today and went to the dentist! That's a full day-I wonder if he went to work!

Scrambled eggs for dinner tonight with free eggs from Wegmans along with some yummy bacon from Oscars!

Jeanne had a comment on the last blog entry with a recipe for a solution to try to get the odor out of the yak yarn. Thanks! Any other ideas out there? Leave me a comment.
Hope all is well.

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