Monday, October 8, 2007

Yippee for Christopher Columbus

It is Columbus Day and I had the day off from school! It was a beautiful day here until about 5:15 PM, but more about that later. 

After  a good work out at the gym, I did some shopping, including a stop at the new Eastern Mountain Sports store in Pittsford Plaza. The one in Marketplace Mall closed. The new store seemed bigger but they seemed to carry about the  same stuff. My only complaint was that the store was too dark! There were spotlights pointing down to some of the merchandise, but overall, it seemed like I was in a cave, not that there is anything wrong with being in a cave. I just prefer more light when I am shopping. 

Upon my return home, I baked up a grape pie from all the grapes that we squeezed yesterday. Grandma wasn't feeling well yesterday so did not come over to help make the pie fillings, but Sally had been planning to stop by to get a tutorial in grape pie making so I recruited her for a while. We ended up making 16 bags of grape pie filling. Today I baked one up to make sure that this year's crop of grapes was up to the standard and to share with Grandma (that will make her feel better). The pie is great! 

The voting for seeing Corey in his orange pants is closed and it was a unanimous decision to "bring on those pants!". Jeannie, thanks for the comment-I could see Michal wearing those orange pants. Corey and I have spoken about a photo, and he is thinking of doing a short video of him wearing those pants at a variety of locations around campus. So, Corey get busy on that video! Your public has spoken! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Jim and I were scheduled to go out to dinner with Bob and Sally tonight at a restaurant on
 the other side of the O'Rourke bridge (the bridge formally known as Stutson Street). When Jim got home a bit earlier than usual, I suggested that we go for a walk on the River Walk, along the Genesee River before going to the restaurant. The walk starts just south of the Charlotte Beach area, goes under the O'Rourke bridge and continues south for a mile or so. The neat part of this walk is a long, curving boardwalk along a swampy edge of the river. As we started walking, we heard some distant thunder and before too long we were walking in the rain (5:15 PM). We went prepared with our umbrellas, so we didn't get completely
 soaked. The thunderstorm moved through and it had stopped raining by the time we got back to the car. It was a good walk and we really worked up an appetite for dinner.

The restaurant was called Cipriani's Italian Seafood House and we all had a nice meal.
 We enjoyed hearing about Bob's trip to Tibet and to the Mount Everest base camp. What an experience! We shared a few laughs and had a leisurely dinner as a couple more thunder storms blew through. Bob brought some yak yarn home from Tibet for Sally and me and we may try to wind it into skeins this weekend so we can wash it and get the yak smell out of it! I wonder if tomato juice would work to get the odor out! Latex gloves may be in order while working with that yarn. 

Back to school tomorrow and I have rowing at night. Only the rowers going to Boston in a couple of weeks will be at practice, so we should be able to get on the water a little earlier than usual. Getting on the water as early as possible gets more critical as the days get shorter. It is scary rowing in the dark!

When I talked to Tucker on Saturday night, he told me that he had met up with some folks that had been on our river trip this summer. While on the river, they told Tucker that they were planning on coming to southeastern Utah this fall and would look him up. Well, they did and he was able to recommend some hikes for them to do and I believe he actually went  hiking with them one day. They also took him out to dinner twice!

Jim took a couple of photos from his NYC trip for the Corporate Challenge race and I will include one or two of those in a future post.

Hope all is well.


Elizabeth said...

It sounds like a fun day - but I can only see the picture of the pie. My dad and I appreciate you teaching my mom how to make grape pie filling!

coreyrob said...

Oh gosh that grape pie looks great.

jeannie said...

Tomoato juice is the old remedy for skunk smell and really does not work so well. The new concoction that really works (I have experience) is lemon joy, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. It works on skunk so it may work on yak!