Thursday, October 11, 2007

Field Trip

Today was field trip day at school. All the second graders were going to the Public Market this morning and since they were supposed to be in PE, my schedule opened up so I was available to go along as a chaperone. The top photo is of the "fish guy" at the market-a real favorite with the kids. The second photo shows me with my 3 charges. I cannot remember the last time I rode on a school bus, and God bless school bus drivers! The kids were just barely under control on the way to the Market but were pretty tired on the way home so the bus was a bit more settled. I've been going to the Market for years and today I learned some interesting things about the place. It is the second oldest public market in the country and 10,000 people will visit the market on a typical, summer Saturday. The second graders were making Stone Soup when they returned to school, so after our tour we needed to walk around in our small groups and buy something to put into the soup. My girls chose to buy green beans and a couple of ears of corn. Don't know what Stone Soup is?? Check out the children's book by the same name at your local library.

I'll finish this post when I come back from Open House at my school. 

Why is Open House so exhausting? Is it all the smiling? Or maybe it's trying to remember all 400 kids' names. Or standing in one place for an hour and a half, even though Open House is only scheduled to be an hour. Or because it is at the end of a day of teaching. Or because at the end of a day of teaching I have to find something nice to say about each kid that comes in. Anyway, I am a very popular person at Open House and that is nice. 

Tomorrow my brother, Jim, comes in to town for his class reunion weekend. It's his 30th reunion-wow-he must be getting old. I don't need any comments that he is my younger brother!! 

Time to knit and drink some water, and rest up so I can go to bed.

Hope all is well.

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