Friday, September 28, 2007

New in the Living Room

When we got home tonight there was a message on the machine that the photo that we taken to the frame shop to have matted and framed was finished. So, after dinner we picked it up and Jim drilled a hole in the wall so we could hang it over the mantle. The photo is of a spectacular waterfall in Iceland called Gulfoss and there is a large rainbow arching across the falls. I took photos of this falls from a variety of locations around the area, but this one was the most spectacular. We are glad to have something over the mantle and especially pleased to have it be a memory from our Iceland trip. We had a bunch of other photos enlarged to 8 X 10's and will frame those in the near future and hang them in the corner of the living room by the piano. The photo of Pre, that was by the computer is now riding around in Jim's car, waiting for him to remember to take it into his office. I'll have to find something for that space now, too. 

We went to Davinci's for spaghetti tonight, in celebration of the fact that this was the first time in 10 years that we were not cooking spaghetti for the Odyssey Cross-County team, the night before the McQuaid Invitational! We had a delicious meal, with no preparation or clean-up! The first year we did the team spaghetti dinner there were 6 kids (including Tucker) who ate around our dining room table. Last year, the 10th annual spaghetti dinner, we served almost 70 kids, under a rented tent in our backyard! I even hosted one spaghetti dinner from my Lazy Boy chair after having my knee surgery that day. Of course, I had family and friends doing all the work! It was a fun event and I am glad we have many fond memories of the dinner, but it was nice to not cook all that spaghetti this afternoon. I do believe that the tradition continues, with another family hosting the event.

Tomorrow is a busy day. I have rowing at 7 AM and Jim will be volunteering at the McQuaid Invitational, starting at 7:30AM. After rowing, I will come home take a shower and get dressed up for a wedding at the U of R chapel at 12:30 PM. I am hoping to get to the McQuaid Invitational to see some of the Odyssey kids run before the wedding, and I may go back to the races after the wedding. Fortunately the wedding is about a half mile from the running course. The reception is not until 6:30 PM at one of the downtown hotels. A colleague of mine from school is getting married. 

Not sure what we are doing on Sunday, but it is supposed to be a beautiful fall weekend here, so we may try to do something more than putter around the house. 

Last night we IM'ed with Tucker and video-chatted with Corey. Both boys are doing well. Tucker has a weekend full of hiking and biking plans and a birthday party for his boss. Tucker actually called us when we were out to dinner, so hopefully he call us back again later this weekend. Corey was in a hotel near Lehigh University where his team was running today. Corey and his coaches have decided to "red shirt" him for this XC season, so that he can be eligible to run a 5th year when he is a strong 22 year old. This is a pretty common practice for freshmen on college teams. So, Corey may run a couple more races this season, but he would be running "unattached". Time will tell what he will do during Indoor and Outdoor track seasons. 

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