Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Funny Story

First off, thanks to the folks that have voted for my knitting photo! If you haven't voted yet, and want the info, please refer to the previous blog entry and thanks in advance.

Now, onto the funny story. Yesterday I was driving home on Maiden Lane and I was behind an older couple in a big, old Cadillac, going about 30mph (the speed limit is 35). There was one car behind me and a motorcycle behind that car. The guy on the motorcycle was impatiently revving his engine and then decided to pass us all, crossing double yellow lines and driving through 2 left turn lanes and then cutting in close to the Caddy. Well, we all had to stop at the traffic light at Fetzner Road. I was in the left turn lane, the motorcycle was next to me going straight and the old couple in the Caddy pulled up along the motorcycle to turn right. As the old lady pulled up to the cyclist, she stuck out her tongue at the guy! Now not to be out done, the guy threw the finger at her. She looked over at her husband, then back to the motorcyclist  and threw the finger at him!!! It was so funny! The light changed to green and we all went our way, me laughing right out loud!

I had the oil changed in the Beetle today and now that the car has had a "break in" period, the oil only needs to be changed every 10,000 miles! That's good.

Tonight at bell rehearsal we were ringing right along when all of a sudden the lights went out throughout the church! End of rehearsal. I noticed that it was all dark to the north of church, but not south of Bethany. I'm not sure what caused the outage because there was no storm in the area. 

Jim is enjoying the Ken Burns WWII documentary on Public TV. Anybody else out there watching it?

School story: When a first grade teacher came to pick-up her class from PE today, one of the boys in the class told her that he had been "perfect" in Music and "a little bit perfect" in PE!

Hope all is well.

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