Monday, September 24, 2007

Vote for Me

This is a blatant plea for your vote. One of our local yarn stores had a Sensational Summer Knitting contest, requesting photos of places we were knitting. I had Jim take a photo of Sally and me knitting in Iceland and I submitted this photo. The winner will be determined by the one getting the greatest number of votes so I am asking you to vote for me. I think the prize is a skein of yarn and one can never have too much yarn! 

So here is the website to see my photo. You can look at the other photos, but please don't vote for them!!!

To vote, you need to send an email to this address: 

Put "SSK Winner"  in the subject line and in the body of the email, say that you want to vote for Marji Robinson's photo.

Thanks for your support.

Jim and I had a nice walk after dinner. We went to the mall and bought a wedding present for the wedding we are going to this Saturday, new sneakers for both of us, and some greeting cards. We were home in time to watch the Ken Burns multi-part series on World War II. 

Hope all is well with you.


coreyrob said...

My vote is in, about time that some return comes out of the knitting!!

Good luck

Tucker said...

I put my vote in. Every one else's photos were lame. I mean come on, sitting in a boat in Venice?! Kinda fru-fru, Parasailing?! she was trying too hard, you guys were in the great outdoors with the raw material in the background, braving the elements to do that knitting!

Elizabeth said...

My vote has also been cast! Is Spirit Work the yarn store in Irondequoit?

jeannie said...

Another vote for the Iceland Picture. No one else has sheep....with the original wool in the picture!