Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good bye September

The last day of September- time flies when you are having fun! 
Yesterday was a busy day, but all good. I went rowing at 7 AM and the fog was just lifting off the Genesee River as we carried the boats down from the boathouse. As the sun rose above the trees, some of the early changing leaves were brilliantly illuminated by that sun that also provided us rowers with just enough warmth to get us going. It was a beautiful
Jim was  off to the McQuaid Invitational for an early volunteers meeting before the first gun went off for the first race
 at 9:00 AM. Jim has the illustrious job of pulling runners off the course at the 2-mile mark if they don't get there by a designated cut-off time. Every year he makes some girls cry because the girls' coaches neglected to tell them about this cut-off time and they are surprised and crushed when Jim tells them that they need to stop their race. Of course, there are also some runners who are eternally grateful to Jim for telling them they have to stop running! I arrived at the Invitational in time to see the 3 races in which
 the Odyssey teams were running. Coach Howlett seemed pleased with how all the kids
 ran. It was fun to cheer for Odyssey, but a bit strange not to have a Robinson in any of the races.
In the early afternoon, I left the Invitational to
 go to the wedding of a colleague. The service was held at the chapel on the U of R campus-a beautiful setting. Here is a photo  of my colleague, Adam and his bride
 Amanda. Jim joined me for an evening reception at the
 Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Rochester. There were hundreds of people at the reception and no expense was spared. There was an Open Bar most of the evening and a multi-course meal was served. A DJ played great dance music and we danced for a long time (Jim accumulated about 9,000 "steps" during our dance marathon!). The second

 photo was taken at the outside deck bar at the reception site. We got home just before midnight after a great Saturday, punctuated by perfect Fall weather.
Today Jim went for his 10 mile run with his friend, Tony, at Mendon Ponds Park. I slept in and then got the grocery shopping done. 

It is another perfect Fall day so we went to Green Acres, where we picked apples and a pumpkin. After picking, we stopped into the Green Acres store and I found a white pumpkin. Last year I bought a white pumpkin
 at a Market on the way to Jenny Lake. I liked the "ghosty" look of the pumpkin. I need to get rid of my petunias, because they are looking a little "tired", but they certainly added some nice splashes of color to the yard all summer. 

Jim tells me that he was visitor number 1001 to this blog, so that means that one of you loyal readers was number 1000! Congratulations and thanks to all for reading this rambling from Rochester! 

I am coming down the homestretch on the sweater I am making for myself. I have about 6 inches left on the last sleeve. Then I just need to block it and sew up the side seams and underarm seams. I hope to have it completed to wear to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival later in October. 

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Have a good week.

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Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Did you knit the shawl you wore to the wedding?