Monday, October 1, 2007

This and That

Another beautiful day in Paradise! The temps hit 8o degrees and the sun was shining! More of the same on the way.

In answer to Liz's question in the comments, yes, I did make my shawl. We had a wedding to go to in January and I whipped that garter stitch shawl up in less than a week. I combined 2 yarns, one for a little warmth and the other for a little shimmer. It is perfect with that sweater.

When I checked my e-mail at school this morning, there was a message from an on-line company called PE Central, a wonderful website for Physical Education teachers. They said that the Bulletin Board that I submitted to them was selected to be included in their Bulletin Board Idea section. Along with being "published", I get a $50 gift certificate to a PE supply house! If you are interested in seeing my bulletin board, here is the link.

Tonight we had to return our framed photo to Michaels because the photo had a couple of ripples under the glass. The clerk agreed that that wasn't right and said that they would fix it tomorrow. I really like the matting and the frame, so I hope they can smooth out the photo.

I don't know why the font changes after I import some text to my blog. I've tried a few things to get the font back to the original style, but nothing has worked. I hope this isn't too unsettling for my readers. If anyone has any ideas on how to remedy this situation, I'm open for suggestions. 

I may not have time to blog tomorrow because we are going to one of the Odyssey XC meets right after school. The Odyssey team is running against a couple of teams that have runners that we know. It will be a good chance to see some of the running community that we have spent so  many years with! Right after that I have to go row. I am rowing in a regatta on the Genesee River on Saturday. If you want to come cheer for me and my crew, my race is at 1:20 PM on Saturday and you can watch from Genesee Valley Park. Let me know if you are going to be there.

I'm down to the last 4 inches of the cuff on my sweater. It is 4 inches of cable ribbing, so it will be knitting that I have to give my full attention. 

Hope all is well.

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