Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ho Hum Wednesday

This has been a rather ho hum day. Kind of a cloudy day, but no rain, so Jim has the laundry on the line. 

Tonight I have bell rehearsal. While  I'm at Bells, I'm hoping Jim will go back to Michaels to pick up our framed photo. I don't think I will go back to Michaels for future framing though. When I originally took my photo there, they were not able to finish my order, because their computers were down and after spending an hour or so choosing mats and a frame, I had to leave and go back another time to place my order and pay for it. The order was complete when promised. However, we had to take the photo back because the photo was not smooth under the glass. They fixed that in one day and when Jim went back to get the photo, the clerk could not find it! So he will have to go back again tonight. Now it is not a problem to go to Michaels because it is right behind us in the mall. But, there were too many things that made it seem like they didn't have their act together. Plus, there are many other places I could go. So, hopefully when I get back from bells the picture will be back over the fireplace.

Jim talked with both Tucker and Corey last night. I got home from rowing just in time to talk to Corey. Corey has been keeping his eye on the orange pants voting and sees the writing on the wall. He is thinking he may do a small video montage of him wearing his orange pants at various locations around campus! That would be fun! Tucker may try to call this weekend when I am home! That would be nice.

Tomorrow I have a mid-day doctor's appointment so have taken a whole sick day and after my appointment I am going out to lunch with Gram, Grandma and Sally. We are going to Hurd Orchards for one of their theme luncheons, with the theme being "Apples." It is supposed to be nice day so it should be a good outing.

Did I tell you that I finished the knitting part of my sweater? Well, I did! It is now ready to be blocked and seamed. I will get started on that this weekend. I am now taking a short break from knitting a specific project and instead, am teaching myself a new way to knit - continental style. I am getting pretty good at doing the knit stitch with this new style and am practicing on a dishcloth. Next I need to master the purl stitch. The continental style will be faster, once I get good at it, and I won't have to let go of the needles as I am making a stitch. That's probably more knitting details than you need, but maybe you learned something!

Hope all is well. If you have something to share with my readers, leave me a comment and I will let others know what's going on with you!

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